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Aggarwal Gurgaon

Reason for Sufferings of Men 4 Nov 2012 | 3:17 am
I was thinking about the root causes of suffering of men because of these biased laws, based on my 1.5 yrs experience in SIFF, i could think of following reasons:- Priorities: Men can travel 2000 Kms to attend their cases, but can't travel 20 Kms to attend Siff/men rights meetings;Men can spend 50K to pay police/lawyers, but don't spend even Rs 50 for spreading awareness about mens right.- Men dont support men: Most of the Judges/police/Lawyers that we deal with are Men, but instead of helping us, they exploit us. Not only that, we have...
4 Nov 2012 | 3:06 am
All the Circulars/RTI replies related to CrPC 41 Amemdments and Arresting guidelines in 498A cases have been uploaded at following locations. In case you don't find guidelines of your state/UT, please file the following RTIs to your respective state DGP and MHA; DO share the response recieved to so that it can be uploaded here:RTI's 41 Amemdments Details: Ministry Advisory: Naidu: Pradesh:

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